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How to install RetroPie from a Mac or Linux computer with the command line.

If you don’t know already, The Raspberry Pi is a tiny, credit card sized computer that can do anything from Home Automation, to Game Emulation. At $35, it’s hard not to pick one up and get nerdy with it. So I decided to give in to my inner nerd and give one a try.

After getting the Pi, the first thing I needed to do was put an OS on it! With so many choices on what to run, Raspbian (a plain Debian based OS optimized for the RPi), Raspbmc (a Media Center image), RetroPie (a game emulator), I decided that I wanted to run RetroPie. In order to accomplish this, I followed a few simple steps to load the downloaded image from my Mac to the Raspberry Pi’s HDD (a micro SD card).

Check it out!